The New Office, ‘Home Office’

Hello there!!

Hope you are safe and healthy and doing well during this global pandemic.

As we are facing drastic times today, it is important that we stay positive and keep fighting. As every night has an end, this too shall pass. Hence when most of the world is under lockdown and we are limited to our homes, lets accept the new normal, which is the “Work From Home” life. This lockdown may or may not end soon but life during a pandemic has bought a vital need of a new space to our homes, the Home Office. We are spending 24X7 at our homes, and most of us are working from our homes, so why not style our Home Office to make it more welcoming and interesting. let’s have a quick look at few tips for your work station/desk or that silent spot in the house where you have set up your home office:

  • Choose the Best Spot: Pick up an area which has sun light and fresh air, may be closer to a window if there is good pleasing view outside. Also there should be minimum or zero noise around that area so as to concentrate better.
  • Keep it Organized: The way we have our office desk, similarly we should keep things organized at home workstation too, for example, a nice pen stand, your planner, sticky notes, stapler, if required papers/files. It adds to the positive energy and makes us feel more in control. Because while working from home, the attitude towards work could go casual. So keeping the essential things at bay help to reduce the chaos.
  • Invest in a Good Chair: Get you self a chair which is comfortable and sturdy. It should support your back and keep your posture upright. Pro Tip: Try using a four-legged chair instead of the usual revolving chairs. The stability of such a chair helps maintain the centre of gravity of your body and hence gives highest level of comfort to your back for long sitting hours.
  • Get the Right Desk: Invest in a desk that fits your budget, your workflow, and your space. If you have to stretch your arms out to reach your mouse and keyboard, you’ll be easily tired. Make sure your keyboard and mouse are at a distance where you can keep your elbows bent in a neutral position.
  • Have Indoor Plants Near Desk: Plants keep the surroundings fresh and lively. They add colour and positivity to the environment. A study from Stephanie Lichtenfield at the University of Munich concludes that the colour green awakens creative performance. So get those pots from your balconies outside, near to your work desk. They can play your office colleagues and you shall never miss out watering them on time in between all the work.
  • Clean the Space Regularly: Keeping the desk and floor dust free and mopping it every day is good as it motivates us to work and its healthy to keep clean.
  • Personalize Your Office: Unlike your usual office, you have the freedom to personalize this Home Office as per your style and needs. Add something that reminds you of your real office and keeps you determined. May be that employee of the Month trophy, or a photograph of you and your colleagues, or a caricature of your boss that you sketched but could never put at your work station. Other than that you can add any accessory you like, just make sure you do not clutter up too much, as ultimately its a workstation, and you need space to complete your daily office tasks the most.

It is not easy to work from home and with so many days it becomes frustrating and impacts our productivity too, but it also gives us the freedom and ease of working as per our comfort. To cut the monotony, you may not even stay in the same place every time of the day. If you do not need to work on your desktops, you may move to a balcony or terrace to complete that reading or brainstorm alone while enjoying the fresh and pleasant air.

Just make sure everything helps you to increase your productivity, and not cause any kind of distractions. Also it is important to note that this styling should be done solely to make your own self feel creative and positive. Do things that are easy to do and with things available in your home itself. Think of simple less time consuming DIYs. You do not have to prove your interior styling expertise through your Home Office decore. Just remix that space of yours so that it pumps you up during such uncertain times.

Stay home, Stay safe and Stay positive.

Happy reading, Happy styling.

Team Kaashthkaari.