The KaashthPremi welcomes all!

In Sanskrit, Kaashth means wood and Premi means lover or admirer. And so this KaashthPremi welcomes all the wood lovers to her blog.

Let me tell you a bit about myself.

‘Kaashthkaari’, the brand is basically the brainchild of this Kaashth lover. It goes back to 2006 when a young girl, of course me, in my school days dreamt of pursuing my passion for product designing as my career, but eventually went ahead with Architecture for my Bachelor’s and then further Master’s in Urban designing form one of the top international universities, NUS, Singapore. No regrets till here, I absolutely enjoyed my learning days.

My education made me change my goals, only for a short while though, and I ended up joining an MNC working on The Smart City mission of Indian Government for my own hometown as Architect and Urban designer, definitely a dream job for any fresh Urban designer. But soon while working for this government controlled mission, I felt my morals, ethics and spirit were being threatened. For some time, I tried to keep up my sanity and creativity and not let it perish under the chauvinism and corrupt practices of the office establishment, but finally it was the young passionate product designer, forgotten with time, that came to my rescue.

I decided to free myself from the constant burden of working for people who just like themselves expect you too to compromise with your work ethics, just because they are providing you, your bread and butter. I realized my dreams and the honest passion towards my skill is more valuable to me and needs to cherished and explored further. I left that job and started experimenting in furniture designs specially with wood. And in that process I found my love for Kaasth or wood.

I believe there is no better material to use for interiors and specially for furniture making other than wood. In my view natural wood has physiological and psychological effects on the users that imitate the effects of spending time outside with nature. The feelings of earthy touch and natural warmth along with the organic comfort that wood elicits is unattainable by any other materials, be it plastic, metals or glass.

Hence my love for wood and the itch to experiment with my creativity snowballed into ‘KAASHTHKAARI’, where we now make artistic wooden furniture.

So to this blog per say, I invite anybody who has similar interests or events in their personal or professional life, who are working towards making their own name and identity, or who want to have or share more insight on topics like Architecture, designing, interiors, furniture, decor, woodworking and handmade crafts. Please join this KaashthPremi, in spreading the love for wood and handmade interior products.

And don’t forget do check out Kaashthkaari’s artistic wooden furniture collection. All products are exclusively handcrafted and all designs are need based, user friendly and sustainable. Get in touch with us to get a quote for your choice of product from our catalogue. Kaashthkaari also gives its customers the flexibility to get the products customized in their choice of wood polish and upholstery colors. So what are you waiting for fellow KaashthPremi!