The famous Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, a contemporary of Cubism & De Stijl eras, felt and so said “Curves are so emotional.” The design of this chair, Noshīn, reflects the same idea that natural beauty and emotions are best achieved in curves and not with straight edges. Noshīn is the chair which has just the right mix of aesthetics, comfort, design and functionality.
Having a very pleasant and feminine look and nature inspired design, with its curvy back and unique half arms design, it feels like the chair is embracing you from back while sitting.
Very comfortable and elegant, use these as dining chairs or even with your bedroom’s study desk. Can be used in pairs as side chairs in your formal lounge or living room areas. Or if you are a cafe, restaurant, hotel or any showroom owner, this is definitely a statement piece to add variety in your seating options.

Product Description

Best quality Babool (Acacia wood) with suede fabric upholstered 3” thick cushioned seat.

Available finishes
• Natural teak matte
• Warm rosewood matte
• Dark walnut matte

*Shown in dark walnut matte finish and pale white suede seat

Additional Information

Dimensions 20 x 18 x 28 in


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