Kashīdā, as the name suggests, imitates the overlapping loops of an embroidery or needle work. The magical intricacy of the design is achieved by handcrafting each piece by our wood craftsmen, as we like to call them instead of carpenters. The beautiful grains of the Indian sagvaan wood adds to its prettification, making it a statement piece for your space, which shall last for ages.
Though can also be used as a stool to sit anywhere indoors because of its convenient size and weight, but best suitable if installed as side table or corner table besides your sofa set. Team these up with lush leafy planters, on both sides of your couch and it shall not just enhance the overall space but is definitely going to be the spotlight for your living room.

Product Description

Best quality Sagvaan (M.P.Teak wood).

Available finishes
• Natural teak matte
• Natural teak gloss
• Warm rosewood matte
• Warm rosewood gloss

*Shown in natural teak matte finish.

Additional Information

Dimensions 21 x 18 x 16 in


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