What does 'Kaashthkaari' mean?

Kaashthkaari  where “Kaashth” means wood and “Kaari” means craft.

Our brand name not only shows the quality in our products but also connects people to the experience we aim to create through our artistic and handcrafted wooden furniture collection.

What is Kaashthkaari?

Kaashthkaari is a young bespoke (made to order) wooden furniture brand and Interior design studio, committed to producing artistic and trendsetting furniture products which shall give quality and a story to your interiors.

Why buy furniture from Kaashthkaari?

Kaashthkaari  is a young and inventive brand for artistic furniture products & interior services with unique yet explicable concepts.

Our USPs :

  • We only produce fully handcrafted furniture products to keep the old and local art of furniture making alive
  • Our furniture has unique and interesting interactions of solid wood having its beautiful natural grains with peppy color fabrics to match all kinds of interior needs
  • We follow a holistic approach to design weather it is a single piece of furniture or any interior space as a whole
  • Our emphasis is always on creating high-quality lifestyles with our art-piece like furniture products


Will the product be same as what I see on your website?

All the products shown on our website are real products and property of Kaashthkaari. No image displayed is a digital rendering. We try our best to show the products as close as possible to the reality, though due to lighting, screen calibrations or fabric lot variations, the products you shall see in reality may be a bit different from its picture on the website. Also all our products are handcrafted and hence may vary slightly. Not to forget the grains of the wood are something natural and cannot be altered, so even after our best efforts to match the grains in one set of order there can be some variations visible.

Does the furniture product needs assembling?

Most items of Kaashthkaari do not require assembly or have a basic assembly procedure (like placing the glass tops on the wooden stand of any table etc.) The need to assemble the furniture depends on the nature of the item. We currently do not provide assembly service anywhere. However, the goods can easily be assembled by you or with the help of a local carpenter.
We advise you to check the product description to see if any assembly is required for the item you are interested in.

If I ordered same product but at different times, will they match?

Kaashthkaari tries its best to keep the product specifications standardized, but our products being handcrafted may have variations from productions at different times. We do not manufacture or assemble a bunch of parts together but one item as a whole at a time to maintain handcrafted quality, hence the pieces may slightly vary in sizes, natural wood grains, polish or finish texture and color, foaming, color and texture of fabric lot etc. We suggest you to order similar furniture together.

Kaashthkaari does not take any responsibility if the furniture or any other product varies in any of the above mentioned aspects.

Can I get the furniture items customized before placing the order?

All furniture products of Kaashthkaari are exclusively handcrafted only on-order. Hence we have the freedom to give our clients the flexibility to get their orders customized as per their needs. However, customization shall be possible only to the extent that the original character and design of the product is not disturbed or lost.

Can I get the size and dimensions of a product customized?

We can customize the size or dimensions of our products only to the extent that they do not hamper the overall proportions of the design. Major dimensions of each product is mentioned on the website and we request you to not expect drastic changes in those dimensions.

However get in touch by clicking Product Inquiry button besides your choice of product and filling the form mentioning your requirements. We shall try our best to meet your interior needs or space restrictions with our products.

Can I get the type of wood used to make the furniture product changed?

All products of Kaashthkaari are only made in solid woods like Saagvan, Sheesham and Babul. We give our customers options of selecting any out of these solid woods. Though, it is important to keep in mind that some designs and items are only possible to achieve in a particular type of wood.

However get in touch by clicking Product Inquiry button besides your choice of product and filling the form mentioning your requirements. We shall try our best to meet your needs with our products.

Is it possible to get the finish or polish of the furniture items changed as per my need or liking?

All the possible finishes of each product is mentioned on the website under Product description. Kaashthkaari shall be able to provide only those finishes or polish colors and textures.

However get in touch by clicking Product Inquiry button besides your choice of product and filling the form mentioning your specific needs or requirements. We shall try our best to meet your needs with our products.

Can I get a different upholstery fabric color and/or type which is of my liking but different from your mentioned fabric?

The used fabric material is mentioned under Product Description tab with each product. Kaashthkaari recommends not to change the type of fabric (like leatherette or suede etc.) but only the color or pattern of the mentioned fabric.

However get in touch by clicking Product Inquiry button besides your choice of product and filling the form mentioning your requirements. We shall try our best to meet your needs with our products.

Is there somewhere I can go to view the product prior to purchasing?

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store and for safety reasons we do not allow customers to our workshop. If you have any questions regarding the products please call us or Whatsapp us on +91 6377833395, Monday-Saturday (10 AM – 7.00 PM), we shall be happy to assist the best we can.


I like a furniture product of Kaashthkaari, how can I know the cost of that particular product?

If you are interested or like a particular furniture product of Kaashthkaari, we request you to drop an enquiry by clicking the ‘Send an Enquiry’ button besides the product you like and filling the form mentioning all the details you wish to know of that product. We shall get back to you as soon as we can to answer all your queries and the price quote.

I wish to buy two (or more) pieces of same and/ or different furniture product of Kaashthkaari, can I purchase them online?

We do not have direct online purchase feature for now. If you are interested in purchasing a furniture product, we request you to drop an enquiry by clicking the ‘Send an Enquiry’ button besides the product you like and filling the form mentioning the number of pieces you want to purchase and any kind of customization you want to get done. We shall get back to you as soon as we can to answer your queries and assist you in making the purchase.

In which cities do you deliver?

We can deliver our furniture to any place in India. Delivery in and around Jaipur is free. Though delivery charges shall be additional and borne by the customer if the delivery addresses is outside of Jaipur.

How long does it take for delivery?

Orders are processed within 48-72 hours on receipt of full payment. The manufacturing and delivery time will be as mentioned to you in the one-on-one conversations (through mails/calls) at the time of making final estimate before placing the order. However, the actual duration of manufacturing shall depend on the factory schedule and available time (this may take up to a month).

What are the charges for delivery?

Delivery charges shall be additional to the product cost, which depend on the volume of the furniture and the distance of your delivery address from our workshop at Jaipur. The shipping cost can be calculated after you have shared your pincode and shall be added to the total estimate before giving you the final quote.

Can I track my order online?

Once shipped, generally, a third party (transporter) is responsible for the delivery. You shall be intimated through mail when the product is ready and dispatched along with the approximate date of delivery and the transporter details. For any further information, you could write to kaashthkaari@gmail.com

My shipment is delayed. What can I do?

Once shipped, the third party (transporter) is responsible for the delivery. If the product is not delivered by the intimated date of delivery, you are requested to write to us at kaashthkaari@gmail.com. I case of delays we can share with you the third party link that contains the tracking number and the service provider, for your kind perusal that shall help in tracking your shipment.

What payment options are available?

We accept online payment options of credit card, debit card, wallet payment and net banking.

Cash on delivery is not available.

All goods are dispatched only after receipt of full payment.


Is it possible to cancel my order?

Yes, it is possible to cancel your order. Though Kaashthkaari manufactures every product on order and after thorough one-on-one discussions (on mails/calls) with you, hence there shall be very less possibilities for cancelling the order. However, here at Kaashthkaari we also do have customer centric refund policies.

  • We assure full refund if order is canceled within 24 hours of placing the order.
  • 50% of the billing amount shall be refunded if the cancellations are done between 2-5 days of placing the order
  • However any cancelations further than that shall not be permitted and no refund shall be made.

When are the returns permissible and under what conditions?

Returns will be accepted only for damaged/ defective products. You need to inform us of any damages/defects within 24 hours of delivery of the product to receive a replacement. The returned product should be unused, in its original packaging, and in the same condition as received. Please write to us with your invoice number and images of damaged product/s at kaashthkaari@gmail.com.

Kaashthkaari does not accept any claims for damage caused by you at any time.

Kaashthkaari does not warrant to cover the effects of normal wear and tear, or damage caused by accident, movement, abuse or neglect of the purchased furniture within your premises.

Can I return a product found to be defective upon use after some time?

Kaashthkaari shall not be liable to any returns, refunds or replacements for any report of damaged/defective product made after 24 hours of delivery of the product. However, please write to us at kaashthkaari@gmail.com with the invoice number and images of the defective product. We will try all possible endeavors to repair the defect in the product.

How and when will I receive the refund?

We will process your refund within 7 business days of either you canceling the order; or receiving the returned product in its original packaging. All refunds will be issued through the same transaction mode (e.g. credit card or net banking) used in the original purchase.


Can I keep the furniture in balconies, gardens or open terraces?

Solidwood furniture, unless specifically mentioned for open outdoor use, is not recommended in direct sunlight or near to any heat sources.

Does the furniture needs any special care?

Though the furniture products do not need any special or out of the ways kind of care but Kaashthkaari recommends following general care and maintenance steps that should be followed to ensure long life of the furniture.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight and avoid above average room temperatures or extreme changes in temperature
  • If gaps appear in joints, check the level of humidity in the room where the furniture is placed
  • If the room is too dry the furniture may warp, twist or split
  • Leave at least 3cm gap from the walls and in between the furniture pieces to avoid any accidental dents or scratches
  • Protect surfaces with coasters or mats from hot dishes. Wipe up spills immediately. Do place a mat or pad under paper if you are writing.
  • Never drag the furniture when moving it; always lift it!
  • Do not rock or stand on chairs

Does the furniture needs cleaning? What are the basic daily cleaning steps to keep in mind?

Daily cleaning ensures that the furniture products look new for a longer time. Hence Kaashthkaari recommends following daily easy cleaning steps:

  • Use a soft lint-free cloth to gently dust your furniture daily
  • Clean the surfaces with a clean, dry or only slightly damp cloth, but never use any detergents
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners
  • Do not use silicon or spray polishes as they may leave a residue on the surface of the furniture
  • Do not place very hot or very cold items on surfaces unless adequately thick table mats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the surface
  • Remove liquid spills promptly

Do different materials needs different type of care and maintenance?

To ensure optimum durability and longevity of the furniture, Kaashthkaari recommends, following advice on the use and care of various furniture materials to be followed:


  • Wooden surfaces can be wiped clean with any soft damp cloth. Solvents or chemicals are not recommended to be used.


  • Do not use anything abrasive on these surfaces.
  • Protect the surfaces from scratches and marks by using coasters or mats.
  • If the glass is chipped or broken at the time of delivery, stop using the product and consult the manufacturer or supplier.
  • Do not place very hot or very cold items on the glass surface unless adequately thick tablemats are used to prevent such items from coming into contact with the glass.
  • Do not sit or stand upon the glass surface.
  • Do not use the glass as a chopping surface.
  • Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items.
  • When cleaning glass panels use a damp cloth or leather with a glass cleaning liquid or soapy water if necessary; do not use washing powders or any abrasive cleaners as they can scratch glass surfaces.


  • Protect leather from spillage and heat. May be cleaned using a clean damp cloth.
  • Please remove any spillages with a clean damp/dry sponge immediately. Fabric is not scotch guarded.
  • Periodic cleaning with a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush shall keep it looking new and long lasting.


Do you provide interior designing consultations as well or just the furniture products?

Yes Kaashthkaari is not just the brand for artistic wooden furniture products but is  also an Interior Design Studio. We do provide interior designing consultations as per the need of the client. We have in-house team of interior designers, headed by Architect and designer with masters from NUS, Singapore, having experience of successfully completing many interior projects.

Do contact us for complete interior designing solutions.

Which cities do you serve for interior designing services?

Currently we are only serving in Jaipur, Rajasthan for interior designing services. But we are open for serving to out-station projects too. Though the services in that case shall be limited to design consultations only and not the execution of the complete project.

We are working on collaborating and teaming up with many talented Architects and Interior designers in different cities to grow our team.

I am an Architect/Interior consultant. Do you collaborate with other designers?

We look forward to collaborating with interior designers, architects and builders to provide them artistic and unique designs as per the need of the project, so that they can concentrate on rest of the interior/construction work and leave the furniture production/complete interior solutions on us.

We are also working on collaborating and teaming up with talented designers in different cities to grow our team. So if you are a young and passionate furniture, product or Interior designer/Architect with fresh ideas and want to be a part of Kaashthkaari team, please feel free to contact us.

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