“The piece of furniture is not just the shape, not just the material which is made but also something inside it. It’s the piece’s spirit.”   –  Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014)

Great lines given by the father of modern Brazilian furniture and architecture and also the motto of Kaashthkaari.

Kaashthkaari LogoKAASHTHKAARI where “Kaashth” means wood and “Kaari” means craft; is a brand that celebrates wood and its natural beauty. Natural teak is probably the most widely used wood in the high end furniture industry, due to its high environmental resistance, beautiful textures and strength. Hence all our furniture products are made in best quality natural solid woods like Babul, Sheesham and Saagvan. In our designs we draw inspiration from nature and beautiful teak wood grains and in between these inspirations, emerge some very chic and out of the box yet explicable designs. Our furniture products are born from a professional and creative force, supported by productive, skilled and artistic craftsmanship.

We are a small group of designers, headed by an Architect and Urban designer holding masters from NUS, Singapore, who herself has a good experience of successfully completing many interior projects. Over the years after closely feeling a void of good and artistic wooden furniture at justified rates in the market, we ourselves have come up with designs that would suit all kinds of interior needs.Kaashthkaari logo 2

At Kaashthkaari, we create furniture as art. We believe that hand crafting brings more artistry to the piece of furniture. We take pride in following the old type of woodwork and equipments, non-automated and more of a craftsmanship type of a process in making our furniture. The focus is paid on that one piece of furniture as a whole rather than manufacturing or assembling a bunch of parts together. And so, we have no highspeed production line, as we want to keep the traditional and local art and artisans of furniture making alive. All our products though precisely designed to be trendsetters in today’s interior styles, actually get their real value from being exclusively and completely handcrafted in India by our local craftsmen only, making each product of Kaashthkaari a piece of art that shall last.

We have our workshop based out of Jaipur with a dedicated team of highly skilled (Rajasthani & Bengali) khaatis, painters and kaarigars who take pride in every piece that they work with their own hands and hence produce only the best.

Kaashthkaari logo 3Kaashthkaari, is based on the idea, that true creativity is to break the established patterns and imagine things differently! Whether you are a home owner, architect or an interior designer, it is easy to become so involved with the complexities of a room’s paint effects, window treatment and flooring options that the furniture is all but forgotten. Yet remove the furniture from a room and you are left with an empty shell. Our furniture products, not just make a space comfortable, convenient and livable, but also have the potential to give an identity, exquisiteness and a personalized touch to your space. We aim at maximum utilization and value for money of our clients, hence our furniture has need and space based designs which are not just unique and minimalist, but nowhere do they compromise on comfort.

Our success is not just in the quality and attractive designs; it’s down to our attitude, our approach and the way we treat not just our clients but our workers too.

Kaashthkaari also provides customized furniture and complete interior solutions. Contact us for interior designing consultations or bespoke furniture services.

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